Do you need insurance in Dubai? Yes, we absolutely believe that you do. 

However, which insurance packages to choose all depend on your needs. If you are no longer covered by insurance from your home country or your employer, you should as a minimum look into health, life, travel and home insurance. If you intend to own a car, then be sure you have a good one for this too.

From our research and recommendations, we've found, that there are many providers for insurance in Dubai. We've partnered with companies that insurance both individuals, SME’s & growing businesses.

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NB: Are you employed? Then your employer is by law obliged to insure you. 

H2L Tip: Bring a copy of the insurance you had in your home country, so you can have a clear description of what you should have covered. Prices vary a lot, so make sure you get quotes from a few different providers. Remember to double check which hospitals and clinics your insurance cover. Also, prices on travel insurance with or without US coverage makes a huge difference.

Company Insurance

Are you looking to find a solution that benefits both numbers and people? Then we'd advise you to check out Beneple. Beneple aims to offer affordable, data driven business solutions focused on benefits and people. The team of insurance specialists offer turnkey insurance and wellness solutions customised to clients needs. The Beneple platform, developed especially for UAE SME's, is free cloud based software to help manage HR needs. 

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