To settle in Dubai, you might want to get some assistance to help around the house with the daily chores. Whether you are looking for a full-time maid, a part time nanny or just some occasional cleaning, Dubai's got it!

Need a contact? Let us know what you are looking for and we'll gladly connect you to the right people:

Getting a maid

Dubai is the host of many maid agencies. And what you will quickly learn, is that there can be quite a big difference in pricing. As soon as we are given some good references on agencies, we'll be sure to upload them to this site.

To hire a maid or any other domestic helper you need to follow certain steps. Have a look at the official UAE Government site for hiring domestic helpers.

H2L Tip: Look through the various expat Facebook pages. We’ve often seen families who are about to depart from Dubai advertise their maid to new potential families. Adopting a maid gives you the advantage of having a direct reference from the family handing her over. This (we suppose) is rather useful for everyone who is about to invite a new person into their home.

H2L Tip: What to ask at the interview? Many people haven't considered what to ask the person, but this is a person who is going to be living in your house and taking care of your children. Is first aid skills a need? Do you want them to help cooking? Are they expecting to participate in family events? Help yourself by preparing a list of relevant questions before the interview. 

Cleaning services

The price for a cleaner start at AED 25 per hour. It is crazy cheap and can be ordered with a very short delivery time. 


H2L Tip: We encourage you to leave a bottle of water or/and a tip for your cleaner. Especially if it is the same person fixing your home over and over again. The water is a nice gesture, however be aware that some might decline it during Ramadan. 


AC Cleaning

In Dubai, even though your building has a once-a-year-AC-cleaning included in your rent, or your villa just had a cleaning before you moved in you will be shocked over the amount of dust and dirt that get backed up in there in a short amount of time (honestly, it’s disgusting). 

ProClean is a company praised by many in our community so we have to share. Pro Clean AC engineers and booking team are all UK trained with many years experience. They pride themselves on working smart, punctual, being knowledgeable, efficient and most of all friendly. They provide FREE consultation and can help you with duct cleaning, coil cleaning, mould disinfectant cleaning and A/C filter cleaning. Who doesn’t want cleaner air for themselves and their family? 


H2L Tip: Mention H2L and get a discount when booking your cleaning. 

Other house help

You may be needing someone to clean your windows, mow your lawn, clean your air conditioner or paint a fence, whatever you need feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to look through our network of qualified people and find the right person for you. 

If the help you are looking for is more about your children, being either a tutor or a baby sitter, then click here.


H2L Tip: Why not make sure that your family is safe? Give the people that surrounds your family the right set of skills to handle all situations. With first aid training your home becomes a safer environment. It can even be considered a great activity to do together for the entire family. 

How can we help? We have a team of qualified people in our network ready to guide you in everything from how to relocate your pet to set up your business in Dubai. Feel free to reach out and we will happily connect you:

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