Why is it important to have first aid training? Easy, it saves lives.

With the right first aid training you are provided with the confidence and capability to react immediately to an incident, injury or illness. In the event of a medical emergency, when properly trained, you will be able to administer basic medical treatment or CPR. 

Whether it is yourself, your household and/or your work place - first aid training gives you valuable life skills:

  • It saves lives

  • It creates a safer environment, home and at work

  • You will understand how to use a first aid kit

  • You will be able to provide a faster response during an emergency 

  • It helps reduce workplace accidents 

  • In a work place it promotes teamwork

We would advise you to check out Safe Hands for more info on courses. Safe Hands offers certified first aid training courses conducted by registered nurses to individuals, corporates, and groups. They offer adult and pediatrics courses which are accredited by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services in English and Tagalog.

Safe Hands: "We love what we do and above all believe that health and wellness should be delivered in a fun and engaging manner as ultimately what we do saves lives. And what’s more important than that?"

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