At some point you will need to escape Dubai, right? And why not go and experience the amazing scenery of UAE. Or you can go sightseeing in Dubai and see what this amazing city has to offer. Either way we can assure that it will be worth it. 


Get Your Guide suggests and compares different sightseeing tours in and around Dubai. 

H2L Tip: Many operators have the same tours and prices vary a lot. Make sure to check out the different tour operators if you want to make sure to get the cheapest price. We have highlighted a few links of the popular choices in each box below. 


Nature & Adventure

Go and experience some of the wonders and beautiful scenaries of UAE. 

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Culture, architecture, beaches, great food or endless shopping - Dubai is the place. 

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Abu Dhabi

UAE's capital and host of some beautiful wonders and thrilling amusement parks.

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H2L Tip: To get a chance to get on top of all that is going on, we're using Time Out and What's On to get updated. 

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