If you live in, or visiting Dubai with children, you must know UrbanCircleUrbanCircle is an online platform, a one-stop-shop, connecting families with trusted, qualified, kids related service providers and classes. The providers are sourced through partnerships with selected institutes in each category. 


UrbanCircle only partner with reference-checked, verified companies after personally meeting them and making sure they would trust their own kids with them.  They all the information a parent need to book an activity/service for their child, including prices, location and other parents’ reviews.

Need a contact? Let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to connect you to the right person:

Urban Circle operates in 6 main categories:

  • Childcare (Babysitters, nurses, midwifes etc)

  • Tutoring (language courses, academic tutors, homeschooling programs etc)

  • Sports (swimming coaches, tennis, gymnastics, martial arts classes etc)

  • After-School Activities (piano, guitar, dance classes, art etc)

  • Special Needs (Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Shadow Teachers etc)

  • Family Well-being (anxiety therapists, parenting support, counseling, siblings rivalry classes etc)

Also, a relevant link for the family in Dubai would be first aid training. Make the environment at home more safe by giving yourself and your maid or nanny a first aid course.  This way you can help save lives. 

How can we help? We have a team of qualified people in our network ready to guide you in everything from how to relocate your pet to set up your business in Dubai. Feel free to reach out and we will happily connect you:

Your contact information will be saved and (maybe) used for later purposes. We will not be sharing your information with anyone outside H2L. In case you do not want us to save your information, please let us know when contacting us.