What is How 2 Life?

H2L is your Dubai Guide and the platform that we would have loved to be presented to, when we first moved to Dubai.

The purpose of H2L is to provide you with a platform that gathers the information that you would otherwise spend hours looking for on websites, google and various Facebook groups. H2L helps you navigate the many options when it comes to visiting, moving to and staying in Dubai.

We have a big network of qualified people who will be able to personally guide you in everything from how to relocate your pet, to set up your own business.

Our Story

Over a bottle of grape at Emerald Palace Kempinski, one extremely hot summer day in July 2019, we plotted down the first themes and outline of “How 2 Life - Dubai". 

While we both had a very good and fairly easy start in Dubai, the amount of unstructured and incomplete information led to some chaos and bumps on the road which maybe could have been avoided. We couldn't seem to find a platform with the relevant, basic information and thus we had to dig through various forums and websites.

We are all here for different reasons, and although your need for information will vary, we will shed light and share from as many angles as possible. We will give you tips based on our own experiences and challenges. 

We hope that you can use our input on your journey and we encourage anyone with a good or challenging experience to share their story for others to learn from as well.

Thank you.

On @how2life_dubai we will share cultural insights, experiences and topics of Dubai. And in time we hope to be able to share our readers' experiences and through this engagement become the go-to source for all of you visiting, moving to or living in Dubai. 

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“I had never considered Dubai as a place to visit yet alone live in. But there I was, I came, I experienced, and I fell in love”


Linda Lysåker, Norway

“I only had to go to Dubai to meet people from all over the world. Moving here I entered a wonderful world of various cultures, foods and beautiful sceneries”

Louise Holk, Denmark

How can we help? We have a team of qualified people in our network ready to guide you in everything from how to relocate your pet to set up your business in Dubai. Feel free to reach out and we will happily connect you: contact@how2life.info

Your contact information will be saved and (maybe) used for later purposes. We will not be sharing your information with anyone outside H2L. In case you do not want us to save your information, please let us know when contacting us.